Ed Papenfuse, Managing Editor

current transcription and editing projects:

Please note: 

All of the projects currently underway are tests of an idea for interactive transcription, and inter-operability between the electronic archival record and the user, to the degree that the meaning and value of the record can be better explained and enhanced by the user without altering the 'original'.   They are experimental attempts at proof of concept and are neither necessarily complete nor always successful.  In time my objective is to incorporate the most successful of these approaches into the permanent electronic archives of the State of Maryland as an aid to scholarship.  I welcome criticisms, comments, and your alerting me to errors.  Write me at edpapenfuse@gmail.com with any suggestions or comments you may have.

To date I have initiated and in most cases actually processed and compiled nearly 200 editonline e-publications amounting to several thousand individual pages of permanently valuable paper records. The largest project to date has been the effort to reconstruct from the security microfilm all of the permanent records in the custody of the State Archives as of 1946, the year in which the records management program in Maryland was first conceived and implemented by Dr. Morris Radoff. A discussion of the project is to be found on my blog.

(last revised: 2013/02/03)